Introduction and a Welcome

Well firstly I’d like to welcome you to my blog and secondly I’d like to give you a brief background on me… From a young age I was always interested in technology and computers. I started to watch technology videos on YouTube and people reviewing technology items. So I gave it ago my self, and guess what… I never got any ware. After still pursuing my passion in technology I decide to start a personal blog and wrote reviews on items I bought. After a few months of doing that I decided to grab a few friends I pulled of the Internet and started up a video podcast that was on iTunes. After that not being to much of a success my interest in computers and technology faded away and I began to socialise with school friends and gained different hobbies. Recently my interest is starting to reappear and I am starting to design websites again. Who knows maybe some time soon I could be writing reviews again and reappearing in the tech industry but the main reason I started this blog is for personal writing.